About Us


Pick A Pekoe and get the ‘teko’ (translation: teapot in Malay Language) ready, for an Adventure like nothing you’ve tasted before. Kick back and let the swirling blends of aromatic creations take you from Qi Men in China and the lowlands of Assam in India; from the hilltop of Darjeeling and right up to the streets of Buckingham Palace in England.

Pick A Pekoe looks to provide you with unforgettable journeys with luxurious infusions of tea, all the way to your doorstep as we envision infusing quality loose leaf teas into your daily lifestyle. We provide the comfort of shopping for artisan loose leaf teas gathered from around the world while holding on to our core value: “To Allow Our Tea Lovers To Understand What They Get”. In other words, on top of providing a range of tea blends that will make you fall in love with tea over and over and over again on our retail stall, we aim to assist our tea lovers with the process of understanding and enjoying the true luxury of quality teas. (Check out our School of Tea!)

We focus on bringing forward quality teas as your affordable luxury, allowing for the inclusion of tea into your daily routine.

Shop, Learn, and Fall in Love at Pick A Pekoe. Tea isn’t just a drink. It’s a lifestyle.


Pekoe (pronounced pi-koe) is a tea industry term referring to a whole leaf tea size. The term “Orange Pekoe” is more commonly used in the western version of tea grading. Pekoe represents the whole tea leaf, while most tea leaves that are bagged are called “dusts” or “fannings”.

‘Pick A Pekoe’ encompasses all that we do here – we make it our utmost priority to offer you a range of only the finest tea carefully picked for your taste buds. Meanwhile, you, our tea lovers, are welcome to pick your favourite pekoe!