Product Description

An amazingly calming tea that makes your heart warm up. The hint of lemon and lemongrass gives a rush of freshness and natural needs of the body.

Taste Like
Warm ginger-lemon taste with refreshing lemongrass aroma.

Tea Types & Ingredients
A well balanced blend of green tea, ginger pieces, lemon peels, lemon fruit granulate, lemon juice concentrate, lemongrass, slightly sugared apricots, modified starch-potato.

Tea Preparation
Pour 80°C to 90°C of water over 2.0-3.0g of tea leaves per cup and steep for 2-4 minutes.

Caffeine Level

Best for
A hot drink to sooth the day. May also add honey for enhanced sweetness. Green tea is known to detoxify, improve blood flow and lower cholesterol – and contains antioxidants- good for your skin! Lemongrass and Ginger may help to soothe cold and flu and may improve uneasy stomach.